Return home looking like a pro with amazing videos of your adventures
Capture the moment with one of our CameraSurf
The CameraSurf is waterproof and shockproof

Summer 2021
New Website available!

CameraSurf GPS le tue riprese in full hd

Shoot professional quality videos with the exceptional full hd resolution CameraSurf. CameraSurf camcorders are tiny, shockproof and waterproof so they can be fixed on the mast, on the the boom or they can be mounted to your helmet. Have you ever thought to capture every moment of your windsurf adventure with a camcorder? Now You can do it in full HD!

For the most exciting moments of your holiday ask for CameraSurf GPS!

CameraSurf GPS
15€ every 30 minutes shooting for surfers with their own equipment. We will assist you to install the camcorder.

CameraSurf GPS Course
10€ every 30 minutes of random shooting if you attend one of our courses.

CameraSurf GPS Hire
10€ every 30 minutes of shooting if you hire our windsurf equipment.

GPS and accelerometer
This is a unique feature that allows users to locate the position, speed and distance, simply by using Google Maps or Google Earth.

File format
Files are released in source format .mov on customer support and can be viewed with QuickTime7.
1080p 1920x1080 30fps: 1hour = 7GByte
720p 1280x720 60fps: 1hour = 6GByte
720p 1280x720 30fps: 1hour = 4GByte

System requirements
System Requirements for 1080p 30fps mov files without converting them to other formats.
3 Ghz Pentium dual core or greater - 2 Gb ram - 64 Mb video card - XP, Vista, 7 or Mac - QuickTime 7

Technical data
Shock Resistant e Waterproof, depth rating: Up to 20 meters
Angle of view:130°
Microphone: Built-in with automatic volume control
Dimensions cm 10 x 4,4 x 5,5


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