At Dolphin Windsurf we value quality material
We offer the latest equipment from RRD, Ezzy and Gunsails
Rainbow kayaks are ideal for stability, ease of use and good speed

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Rental and storage

Summer 2021: Price list

 Board RRD Easyrider S/M/L+ Sail
First hour - 20 €. For each additional 15 min 5€
• Board funboard + Sail + Harness
First hour - 28 €. For each additional 15 min 7€

• Single Bic Bilbao
First hour - 10 €. For each additional 15 min 2.5€
• Duble Rainbow orca
First hour - 16 €. For each additional 15 min 4€

• Wassup RRD epx 10'5"
First hour - 16 €. For each additional 15 min 4

• Board
1 day - 2€
• Sail

1 day - 4€
• Canoe
1 day - 2€

Every evening, equipments are washed with soft water

Rental rules:
The customer must provide a Passport or valid piece of ID (ex. driving licence)
The use of safety belt is mandatory and included in the price of the rental
The use of windsurf is subject to all nautical rules in place in the area and any damages to the rental gear or to a third party in case of an incident in or outside the water will be the renter's responsibility
If the renter can not return to the beach by its own mean, the cost of a boat rescue is 50$ and can only be done by trained personal (hooking the board and sail to any other boat is strictly forbidden)



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