Warm water and sun: what more could you wish for
Improve your skills with our experienced and knowledgeable teacher
Lessons are held from morning to sunset

Summer 2021
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Courses and private lessons for all levels

Children as young as four years can learn to windsurf with our small sails and lightweight boards especially designed for kids.

Our teaching program is flexible. You are on holiday and we will abjust to your schedule. 

Beginners Windsurfing Lessons - 50€ per person for a 2 Hour Group Lesson

The aim is to teach you the fundamentals of windsurfing. You will learn about equipment and safety, wind direction, correct sailing stance, starting board control and basic sailing. Beginner will start with large boards with plenty of volume specifically designed for beginners. 

Part 1: the ABC of windsurfing!

Lesson 1
Starting on the beach, you will learn about the equipment. Knowing the gear is key to feel confortable in the water.
Then in the safety of the bay with your instructor you will learn how to stand on the board, lift the sail from the water and how to steer in order to sail across the wind, turn around, and land back where you began.

Lesson 2

We will take you trough basic sailing theory (wind direction, optimal position of the sail in the wind, etc)             Depending upon how you progress you will learn the rope tack and jibe upwind riding.

Lesson 3

On the beach we will talk about rigging, launching, landing and water safety.
Then on the water, depending upon how you have progressed we will cover basics tacking, jibing and upwind riding.

Part 2: its all about confidence!

Lesson 4 and 5
As with most sports every student as its own learning curves so depending upon your ability we will work on improving balance and control, improve your tack and gybes or go further into the fundamentals of sailing.
As you aquire confidence and control in stronger wind we will make sure you can do faster tacks and gybes and let you try out bigger sails and faster boards.


Advance programs. Perfect if you want to work on specific aspects of your sailing. 100€ per program

Water start

The waterstart is one of the most important windsurf skills youn have to master to progress to the next level.
We run this course when the conditions are right (side shore, flat water, 15+knots) Emphasis is put on practice though we will spend 20-30 minutes on the beach.

We will take you through everything you need to know to use a harness and make the most of it once you're on your board. Surfing with a harness will help you save lots of energy and make you more stable when surfing at high speed. With your harness on, your body becomes a leverage for the sail taking the extra weight off your arms.

Gliding and footstraps
Planing or gliding is when the board skims along the surface of the water. Actually, it kind of feels like flying. This is what will get you hooked on windsurfing. To get there, the use of an harness and footstraps is key!




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